Can You Use Soccer Cleats for Baseball? (My Best Take)

The footwear worn by soccer players while playing is known as soccer cleats. They are more or less similar to other shoes but have an additional protrusion at the bottom. These extensional spikes are cleats, giving players a proper grip as they move around the field.

Similarly, the shoes worn by baseball players have been termed baseball cleats. The cleats present here are much lighter and softer than the soccer cleats. But, can you use soccer cleats for baseball?

Yes, you can use soccer cleats for baseball, but you should only use a dedicated baseball cleats for long haul matches on the big leagues for the maximum comfort and ease of use.

Can you use soccer cleats for baseball?
Can you use soccer cleats for baseball?

Can you use soccer cleats for baseball?

Yes, you can use your soccer cleats for playing baseball. However, this will work for only shorter leagues and won’t be of great comfort when it comes to long-haul matches.

Therefore, soccer cleats are great for practice and exhibition games, but if your main focus is on the big leagues, then you have no option other than investing in baseball cleats.

Is there a difference between soccer and baseball cleats?

Similar to an extent, soccer cleats and baseball cleats are way different from each other. And here’s what you should know about the difference between them:

  • Toe stud- Soccer cleats do not have a stud at the tip for several safety reasons. At the same time, baseball is a limited-contact sport with a lesser risk of injury and hence, consists of a toe stud in its footwear.
  •  Material- Baseball cleats are usually made of metal. On the other hand, soccer cleats are either made of plastic or rubber.
  •  Weight- With a tin midsole, soccer cleats are lighter than baseball cleats, consisting of a thicker midsole.
  •  Shape- Soccer cleats are mostly round and blunt, whereas baseball cleats are long, sharp and pointed.
  • Functionality- Soccer cleats are designed to protect the players by reducing the risk of injuries. However, they do not provide much stability to the players. On the other side, baseball cleats are meant to provide stability and are less protective.
  •  Types of cleats- The main purpose of soccer cleats is to provide protection; hence, they are made of thick nubs. In comparison, the spikes in baseball cleats are pointed and made of metal.
  •  Ankle Support- Soccer cleats are not designed with a support feature. However, baseball cleats have ankle support that helps them while running and sliding.

What type of baseball cleat should I get?

If you are planning to get a baseball cleat, opt for turf cleats, as they are more comfortable than most other cleats. Although they don’t offer much traction to the players as other metal cleats do, they are a great choice.

What type of baseball cleat should I get?
What type of baseball cleat should I get?

While buying a baseball cleat, consider your cleat’s fit. Make sure that it is snuggled with a little room in the toe. Therefore, the shoe needs to be well-fitted to provide maximum support to the player.

What cleats can you wear for baseball?

Most baseball players use molded cleats because they have rubber studs and are more durable than metal cleats. But the level of grip that they offer is commendable less than the metal ones.

However, if you are looking for higher standards of playing, then choosing metal cleats would be the best option. These cleats offer great traction but aren’t as durable as the molded ones.

Do you need baseball cleats?

If you aren’t a competitive baseball player, wearing standard sports shoes will also work fine. Besides, you can even opt for soccer cleats as an alternative to baseball cleats.

Do you need baseball cleats
Do you need baseball cleats?

However, if you play baseball competitively and aim for the bigger leagues, you will need baseball cleats to help you maintain your grip and balance to play consistently. Moreover, not wearing cleats may lead to serious injury.

Do NFL players wear soccer cleats?

Yes, NFL players do wear soccer cleats. This is because the design and functionality of soccer cleats match the requirements of football shoes and can be used accordingly.

 Although soccer cleats do not have toe studs which football cleats do, it’s OK to wear them while playing football. Moreover, football has no specific needs, and you are good to go as long as the cleats comply with the rules.

What cleats do MLB players use?

Most professional baseball players prefer wearing metal cleats. This is because metal cleats have sharp, small, solid spikes embedded in the soles to provide the players maximum friction while playing. However, shoes with molded cleats are also on the preference list.

Why are baseball cleats so hard to find?

The shortage of cleats that the local youth is facing is mainly due to the pandemic. The rising cases of Covid-19 have affected the cleat supply chain greatly, and thus, it’s now difficult for us to get one.

Why are baseball cleats so hard to find?

Although the sports activities have started in full fledged, it is a hard time for players to get the appropriate cleats. Moreover, baseball, not being an internationally popular game, finding cleats for it is certainly difficult. They are manufactured in a limited number and are immediately used by professional players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are metal cleats allowed in baseball?

For a beginner, wearing shoes with metal cleats or spikes is not permitted. For them, wearing shoes with molded cleats or turf cleats is often recommended.
Despite the safety rules, the most professional player prefers wearing shoes with metal cleats.

Can you wear metal cleats in high school baseball?

According to the alteration in the rule made by the Nation Federation of State High School Associations in 2008, you can wear metal cleats in high school baseball matches.
Previously, wearing metal cleats in high school baseball was not allowed, but now it’s not allowed and encouraged.

Can you wear metal cleats in 13U?

If you lie under the divisions of 13U you can easily wear metal cleats without restriction. Individuals older than this are also allowed to wear metal cleats, but those below this division aren’t permitted to wear them.


Soccer and baseball cleats are slightly similar and often serve each other’s purpose. However, if you want to buy a pair of shoes that would work for both sports, go for soccer cleats.

Well, you can seamlessly replace your baseball cleats with soccer ones (only for a while), but you will never be able to use baseball cleats for soccer.

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