How To Clean Baseball Glove in 2 Different Ways

To every baseball player, his gloves are one of the most important things he needs to take special care of. After using a glove on a match, he must take care of it properly. With proper maintenance, it can last more than one season.

You need to maintain your fielding gloves not only to keep their cosmetics intact, but a well-maintained glove can save you when you feel in danger of breaking down. That’s why it becomes crucial to learn how to clean baseball glove properly.

Most beginners just wipe off the dirt from the gloves after a match and store it at any place, and they think this is enough to maintain the quality of the glove. But practically, there are some simple tools you can easily and efficiently clean and store the gloves.

And by doing so, you can add one or two additional years to the gloves’ longevity. With the help of a brush, leather-safe cleaner, and a proper container, you can easily keep the gloves intact.

How To Clean Baseball Glove 
How To Clean Baseball Glove?

How To Clean Baseball Glove?

Everyone likes to use a clean glove. If you want to keep your glove almost like a new one, cleaning is a must from time to time,. There are different ways to clean baseball gloves. You can use any cleaning agent, or you can use a conditioner. After cleaning, proper storage is also very important.

Using Cleaning Agent 

To clean your baseball glove with a cleaning agent, you need to arrange the below-mentioned things.

  • Stiff-bristled hand brush.
  • A clean rag.
  • A leather-cleaning agent.
Clean Baseball Glove Using Cleaning Agent 
Clean Baseball Glove Using Cleaning Agent 

After arranging these things, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Scrubbing

To treat most of the external dirt and debris and wipe them out externally, you must use a stiff-bristled hand brush. You can use a clean cloth if you don’t have this type of brush. Clean the entire external area carefully. You can repeat this dry cleaning after every match to save your gloves from being dirty.

Step 2: Remove and clean the laces

If the laces are removable, then remove them. It will give you better access to the finger area of the glove, and you can easily clean all the dirt and debris from there. It will also help you to clean the below palm section area where the laces were concealed.

But removing these laces is not easy, especially for how these gloves are laced. You can skip this process if you cannot untie and remove it. In that case, you can cut these laces. And after the cleaning process, you need to attach new laces, which you can easily find at any sports equipment store.

Step 3: Applying cleaning agent

Now you need to apply the cleaning agent. There are various types of leather cleaning agents in the market; you can opt for any. To apply it, take a clean rag, put a few drops of the cleaning agent on it, and rub it on the entire glove with a gentle circular motion. After applying this cleaning agent, you must leave the glove for 18 to 20 hours.

Please follow the manufacturers’ directions for the perfect timing. Please don’t apply too much the cleaning agent. It will cause the chemical to build up on the glove’s external surface. On the level of the cleaning agent, you can find all the information about how frequently you need to apply it on the gloves.

Using Glove Conditioner 

To clean your baseball glove with a glove conditioner, you need to arrange the below-mentioned things.

  • A clear cloth.
  • Glove Conditioner.
baseball glove Using Glove Conditioner 
baseball glove Using Glove Conditioner 

Step 1: Applying the glove conditioner

Glove conditioners are a chemical compound that cleans, moisturizes, and makes the glove’s leather soft. Dab a clean rag into the glove conditioner. Then wipe it with a gentle hand on the entire surface of the glove in a circular motion. You can also apply the conditioner on the internal section of the glove.

Step 2: Leave to absorb 

Now you need to leave the glove in an airy room so the conditioner gets absorbed completely. It may take up to 24 hours. For a specific time, follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 3: Things to remember while applying it

Overuse of conditioner can attract dirt and debris. So don’t use more than a few drops of conditioner. Avoid very frequent use of conditioners. Apply the conditioner twice per season.

How to clean the inside of a baseball glove?

While cleaning a baseball glove, the toughest task is to clean the internal sections of the glove. Here we are mentioning the proper steps, following which you can easily clean the inside of any baseball glove, whether it is made of leather, faux leather, or faux fur.

You must frequently repeat the cleaning process if you want to keep your gloves almost as new and want to use the gloves for many years. To followFollowing the proper cleaning method, you must arrange the materials and products below. 

How to clean the inside of a baseball glove
How to clean the inside of a baseball glove?
  • Leather soap or mild soap.
  • 4 clean rags.
  • A screwdriver.
  • Warm water.
  • Cool water.
  • leather conditioner or glove oil.

After arranging these things, follow the below-mentioned process accordingly.

wipe the entire glove with a dry rag

First, you must wipe the inside of the glove with a clean and dry cloth. All the excess moisture, any surface-level dirt, and grime will be removed at this stage. While doing it, shake the glove well so that all the loose dirt falls out. To clear the finger area, you must put the cloth over a screwdriver and insert it into each finger hole.

Cleaning with soap

You need to find a mild and gentle soap. You can also use a soap that is specially designed for cleaning leather. Now take a bowl, mix a few drops of this soap with warm water, and steer it well to create suds. Now take another clean rag and dip it into this soapy water.

Now take this Rag and rub the palm area of the glove. To reach each corner of the glove, you can use the screwdriver, especially to reach the end of the finger slot. 

Use cool water to rinse

Now take another bowl and fill it with cold water and place another clean rag into this water and wring out. With the help of this rag, rinse off the entire glove and ensure there is no excess soap. The cool water will not get the glove’s leather to shrink as the glove’s temperature will transit gradually, not rapidly.


This is one of the most important steps because if any moisture is left inside the glove, the leather will mold and shrink. To dry off the entire glove, take another clean cloth, wipe it multiple times, and dry it as much as possible. Then leave it in front of a fan or in an open room where air circulation is good. To dry the glove properly, you may need to leave the glove for a week.

Lubricate gloves

You need to apply leather oil or conditioner to keep the glove’s leather soft and supple. It is necessary to apply leather oil whenever the baseball gloves get wet. The best way to apply it is to use a spray bottle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it OK to wash a baseball glove?

Washing a baseball glove is necessary if you want to use the glove for many years. No player will easily play with a dirty glove in his hand. But if you start to wet-wash the baseball very frequently, then the leather of the glove will get affected, and it will reduce its longevity.

How often should you clean your baseball glove?

Washing the glove twice per season will be more than enough. But if it becomes too dirty, you must wash it immediately. To prevent the gloves from becoming very dirty, you can wipe them with a cloth or a brush after every one or two matches.

Can you soak a baseball glove in water?

No, soaking a baseball glove in water is very dangerous. It will affect the leather of the glove. It will shrink, and ultimately the glove will not be in a usable position.

Does steaming a glove ruin it?

If you steam your baseball glove, it will become soft, but the durability of the glove will get reduced. The leather will lose its shape and not be used in any serious match. So steaming is harmful to baseball gloves.

Can you wash a baseball glove with soap?

Yes, you can wash your baseball glove with soap. But the soap has to be very mild, and there are specific soaps for this purpose.


Cleaning your baseball glove is necessary if you want the glove to last long. But following improper methods or an improper cleaning agent can make the glove useless. And the frequency of cleaning also plays a crucial role here.

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