What is Standing Astride in Golf?

Many people underestimate the importance of understanding the standing astride in golf.

In golf, the stance is essential for success, and it is important to be consistent and comfortable to keep your body aligned in a relaxed way. 

A good position while standing astride can help you become more accurate when making contact with the ball and increase your power without tiring yourself. It can also improve balance and control while allowing you to take powerful shots.

Understanding how to stand astride correctly will benefit any golfer’s game.

What is standing astride in golf
What is standing astride in golf?

What is standing astride in golf?

Standing astride in golf is a golfer’s stance before hitting the ball. It includes appropriately positioning your feet and body to ensure maximum accuracy, power and control of the shot.

Generally, your feet should be roughly shoulder width apart, you should be bent slightly at the knees and hips with your weight evenly distributed over both feet. The arms should hang comfortably extended from the shoulders and relaxed.

When standing astride for a golf stroke, it is important to practice consistency to achieve optimal results.

Adhering to the correct regulations is also key; if playing on a course where out of bounds rules are enforced, ensure you are not standing too close to or over any of these lines while addressing the ball – this can incur a penalty. Additionally, you must stay outside of all hazard areas when setting up for each shot as mandated by USGA rules.

By understanding proper stance mechanics and regulations when standing astride in golf, players can easily improve their game by becoming more consistent with their shots and avoiding common penalties. With good posture and positioning, they can maximize performance while confidently facing their desired target.

Standing Astride for Different Shots

The correct stance when standing astride in golf is essential for getting the best shot possible. Depending on the type of shot you are taking, there are different rules and techniques to consider.


When driving, your feet must be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your weight should be spread evenly between both feet. 


Additionally, ensure your arms are relaxed with an extended posture so you can swing freely. It is important to keep your head down and focus on where to hit the ball while simultaneously extending your arms outward.


When playing with irons, positioning yourself properly will help you make better contact with the ball and increase accuracy. Like with driving stance, feet should be shoulder width apart but slightly closer depending on the club that is being used. 


In addition ensure that your weight is evenly distributed throughout both feet, creating more stability during the shot. Your head should stay down until after impact has been made while ensuring that shoulders stay squared to the target at address position.


With wedges, it’s important to adjust your posture based on how close you are to the green. When further away from the pin, stand a bit more upright with less weight distribution across both legs but when playing close to the green it’s a good idea to crouch lower and shift most of your body weight onto one leg as this will give greater control over shots near flagsticks.

Ensure that wrists remain loose yet firm enough so as not to break during impact on ball flight trajectory.


Putting requires you stand directly behind of the ball – which puts you in line with its intended trajectory rather than straight up above it like other shots require – and have even pressure placed onto both feet which allows for a smooth stroke motion without any unnecessary manipulation or movement once contact has been made between ball and clubface. 


Furthermore, remember to maintain eye contact with the putter head throughout the entire putting stroke process as this will help improve accuracy significantly if done consistently.

Why do golfers stand astride their putts?

Golfers stand astride their putts to ensure proper alignment and balance when taking the shot. Stance is important as it dictates how you will address the ball and strike it. When putting, golfers should aim to stand directly behind the ball to remain on target with their intended trajectory. 

Why do golfers stand astride their putts
Why do golfers stand astride their putts?

This also allows them to have even pressure placed onto both feet, giving a smoother stroke motion with no manipulation or movement once contact is made between the ball and clubface. 

Keeping your head down during the entire putting stroke process can help improve accuracy significantly if done correctly every time. By standing correctly when putting, golfers can reduce the risk of making wrong decisions while trying to make a difficult shot.

Is there a penalty for standing astride?

No penalty for standing astride in golf, as long as it is done properly. Bad posture or incorrect alignment of the feet can lead to inaccurate and poor shots.

However, if a golfer stands correctly according to the proper stance they are taking a shot with, they will be able to create greater control over their swing motion and increase accuracy without any penalty.


Standing astride in golf is an important game aspect and can make or break a golfer’s performance. It provides better stability, alignment, balance and accuracy when taking a shot and helps to minimize chances of error or wrong decisions while leading to more successful results.

Standing astride puts the ball in the best position for success so that golfers can maximize their potential on the course.

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