What Are X-out Golf Balls?

There used to be days when golf was played by only the elites, but nowadays more common people are getting into it. In this blog, my aim is to educate as many people as possible with various golf terms and tricks.

Do you know what are x-out golf balls?

Honestly speaking golf balls with a tiny manufacturing defect are referred to as “X-Out” golf balls. This minuscule imperfection isn’t visible to the common eye. Companies that manufacture golf balls cannot sell these as balls of standard quality.

What are X-out golf balls
X-out golf balls

Therefore, the manufacturer removes them from the perfectly produced balls and packs them separately.

What are x-out golf balls?

Balls with the following defects are “x-out” golf balls.

  1. Mechanical issues.
  2. Dent on the ball.
  3. Scratches on the ball.
  4. Blurred or wrongly printed logo.

The story behind the labeling of these balls as X-outs is quite interesting. In the past, the brand name on the ball was stamped with a row of X’s, hence the term “x-out.”

Today, the same system prevails, with several Xs stamped near the brand name and not over it. Alternately, ‘x-out’ may be printed on the golf ball. 

What are x-out golf balls
What are x-out golf balls?

Manufacturers filter out these flawed balls and label them “X-out” golf balls. However, the errors are merely cosmetic without affecting the balls’ quality considerably.

Therefore, instead of disposing of these balls, manufacturers prefer to pack them separately, marking them with an “X” with the brand name. 

The X-out balls cannot be used in a tournament, as they are considered illegal to use professionally. They do not comply with the USGA and R&A’s rules for producing golf balls. Hence, these balls aren’t used in competitions.

These balls help new players or hobby golfers looking for affordable golf balls serve their purpose.

Benefits of X-Out golf balls

You will realize X-out golf balls are good if you lend them a blind eye. These balls offer rational benefits to golfers.

Benefits of X-Out golf balls
Benefits of X-Out golf balls

Cost Savings

As mentioned above, manufacturers filter these flawed balls to sell them at a discounted price. It enables non-professional golfers or practicing groups to save a lot. There are high chances of losing the ball while playing golf.

Furthermore, a rough topography severely damages the ball.

Therefore, the cheap balls help these golfers continue their sports activities. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for these golf enthusiasts to purchase these balls since golf is known as a sport for the rich.

Performance similarities to regular golf balls

An “X-out” golf ball is only cosmetically impaired. However, it offers the same guarantee as the ball used by professional golf players. So, one need not worry that his game might be hampered by practicing with an “X-out” ball.

An “X-out” ball provides the same performance as the regular one.

To summarize, “X-Out” golf balls help you practice with high-quality balls at a discounted price. When you play with a branded golf ball, you save a lot of money.

Considerations when buying X-Out golf balls

When buying golf balls, consider the following factors:

Considerations when buying X-Out golf balls
Considerations when buying X-Out golf balls


Quality and condition of the balls: Before buying X-out golf balls, it’s essential to check for the quality and condition of the balls. Ensure you verify quality based on the covers and dimples on the ball.

You can confirm the ball’s status by checking its bounce rate. It should bounce similarly to that of a regular golf ball.

  1. Cover: The material of the ball’s covering may have a crucial impact on its performance. The covers come in two types: ionomer and urethane. 
  2. Golf balls covered with ionomer materials are known to have more durability, fly at an extra distance, and spin less. Whereas urethane-covered balls provide a softer and more superior feel and spin more. 
  3. Dimples: The dimples on a golf ball play a significant role in dragging and increasing the lift when hit. They help to give an aerodynamic performance in today’s golf, contrary to smooth balls. Generally, modern balls comprise dimples between 300 and 400.
  4. Apart from the number, the dimple varies in shape, such as hexagonal or spherical, arranged with different patterns. 

Number of X-Out balls included in a pack

The number of X-out balls may vary in a pack according to the company. Some may have 3, 12, or even 60. You may opt for one based on your requirement and golf playing frequency.

However, ensure the pack with a high number of X-out golf balls does have the desired quality. 

How X-Out golf balls are made?

A golf ball has to undergo several phases before it is made. Golf ball manufacturers need to adhere to the USGA’s strict guidelines. A ball made following these guidelines is only eligible to reach customers.

The process involves several qualifying tests to create the ideal ball for the player. 

How X-Out golf balls are made
How X-Out golf balls are made?

As the game gains popularity, the demand for golf balls is surging continuously. It has led manufacturers to speed up their manufacturing processes.

Due to the increased speed, it has become difficult for them to pay detailed attention to every golf ball. Finally, a few balls get produced with tiny imperfections that cannot be sent to the customer as a standard quality ball.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does “X-out” mean in golf?

An x-out in golf means a golf ball with imperfections on the cosmetic level due to the manufacturing process and failed Q.C.

What does “Titleist X-out” mean?

Titleist X-out means the ball has been manufactured by Titleist, a leading golf ball manufacturing company. Their balls are known to be of the highest quality, with cosmetic blemishes, ink imperfections, flawed painting, or incorrect stamping registration.

Which Titleist golf ball goes the farthest?

The Pro V1s from Titleist are known for going to the farthest and high spin properties.


A regular golf ball is a pricey affair. However, there are a few balls with the same quality, that are cosmetically impaired. Manufacturers pack these balls as X-out golf balls at heavily discounted prices.

These budget-friendly X-out balls benefit players who are newly entering the golf game. In addition, non-professional golfers that play golf as a hobby also benefit from these balls. 

It’s a great relief for the players with a strict budget to use these x-out balls. They can continue to pursue the practice or hobby having a limited budget, in case they lose the ball or if the ball gets damaged.

They provide the same experience as the regular golf ball and players can enhance their game by practicing with the x-out balls.

Unfortunately, despite no difference in the quality and performance the X-out goals provide, they aren’t considered legal to be used in professional golf games.

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