Who Has The Most Dunks In NBA History? (An Interesting Tale)

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has played host to countless memorable moments and record-breaking performances.

Among these thrilling feats, the Slam Dunk holds an incomparable excitement. From high-flying acrobatics to power-packed showings, a good dunk can set a stadium aflame.

But who rises above to hold the title for the most dunks in NBA history?

This article seeks to reveal the figures behind the uncrowned ‘Slam Dunk King’ of the NBA, diving into captivating game stats, individual performances and undying legacies that created a rich tapestry of this league’s history.

Who Has The Most Dunks In NBA History

Who Has The Most Dunks In NBA History?

Dwight Howard holds the record for the most dunks in NBA history, with 2,950 dunks during the regular season. This record is based on data collected since the statistic was tracked in the 1996-97 season.

Howard surpasses the retired Shaquille O’Neal, who had 2,626 dunks. Considering the regular season and playoffs, Dwight Howard remains the leader with 3,252 dunks and Shaq in second place at 3,200 dunks.

Both players were dominant in the paint and known for their incredible dunking abilities. Since dunks were not officially recorded before 1996, it’s essential to consider that older players’ career dunk counts might differ.

Nevertheless, Dwight Howard’s regular-season and playoffs combined achievements remain unmatched in NBA history.

Top 10 most dunks in NBA history

The NBA is home to jaw-dropping athletes whose slam dunks have dazzled fans for decades. Let’s honor the top 10 NBA players with the most dunks in history as of now:

Top 10 most dunks in NBA history
most dunks in NBA history (list)
  1. Dwight Howard: Leaping ahead, Howard tops the list with an astounding 2,950 regular-season dunks.
  2. Shaquille O’Neal: The “Big Aristotle” trails closely with 2,626 dunks, making him an indomitable force down the post.
  3. DeAndre Jordan: Known for his powerful slams, Jordan has recorded 2,451 dunks.
  4. LeBron James: The prolific “King” boasts 2,044 dunks across his illustrious regular-season career.
  5. Tim Duncan: The “Big Fundamental” finds his spot with 1,708 dunks.
  6. Amare Stoudemire: The six-time All-Star stands tall with 1,684 dunks.
  7. Blake Griffin: A high-flying dunker, Griffin has made 1,642 dunks to his credit.
  8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Despite the lack of complete data, the legendary player has approximately 1,600 dunks.
  9. Andrew Bynum: The youngest ever NBA player has accumulated 1,500 dunks.
  10. Kevin Garnett: Rounding off this list, “The Big Ticket” has approximately 1,493 dunks.

These ten athletes represent some of the most relentless and explosive dunkers ever. Their significant contribution to this iconic basketball move helps to keep the excitement alive and the sport’s legacy thriving.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many dunks does Lebron James have in his career?

Lebron James, also known as the ‘King’, has made an impressive 2,044 dunks during his regular-season career.

How many dunks has Stephen Curry made?

Stephen Curry, mostly known for his three-point shooting, has made 26 dunks in his regular-season NBA career.

How many dunks did Kobe Bryant have in his career?

In his twenty-year career, Kobe Bryant, also known as the ‘Black Mamba’, made 1,022 dunks during the regular seasons.

How many dunks does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan, the legendary ‘Air Jordan’, recorded approximately 893 dunks throughout his regular-season career. Dunk stats before the 2000-2001 season are approximations.

How many dunks does Shaquille O’Neal have?

Shaquille O’Neal, popularly known as ‘Shaq’, recorded 2,626 dunks in his regular-season career, placing him second on all-time list.


The slam dunk stands out as a celebrated staple in the history-laden courts of NBA. The battle for the ‘Most Dunks’ crown tells a compelling tale of aerial supremacy and versatility within the paint.

As of now, Dwight Howard reigns supreme with the most dunks in NBA history.

Yet, each player’s legacy in this conversation extends beyond mere numbers, reflecting their unique styles, athleticism, and contribution to this thrilling game.

The future of the NBA holds immense promise, with new stars poised to rise, ready to rewrite records and redefine the art of dunking.

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